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Bipasha, who is face of the Delhi Half Marathon, attended a press meet today in the capital to kick off registrations. For the event, she picked a one-shouldered jumpsuit by Delhi based designer Sonia Mehra.

I wish she’d worn regular heels with the jumpsuit instead of the platform ones that she picked but it wasn’t really a deal breaker. She looked great!

On an aside, anyone else getting a major Gauri & Nainika vibe from this jumpsuit. Between the ruffles and that belt, we sure are!


Bipasha Basu Delhi Marathon Half Press Meet

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  1. Major Gauri & Nainika vibe??? When I saw the design, my first thought was, “thank god, a Gauri & Nainika sighting after a long time! “” But then I read through and found out that it was another designer. I really felt sad for the designer. Are they really so short of fresh and new ideas that they have to copy from such an established signature element…..SAD….:-(

  2. What an insult to designers and designing..where is this new lot of COPYCATS arising from.?? no originality at all…i feel so bad for g&n…like i look forward to see their stuff on celebrities…such an insult…stylists should watchout for what they are making their celebs wear…we want to see real fashion on our stars…

  3. Its great to see Bipasha at her vibrant best…. However its sad to read how a young talent is being condemned at , who has perhaps used the same technique as the celebrated designer duo Gauri and Nainika ! Ruffling as a technique is very very common and also the one shoulder gown is not a very unknown silhouette….. guys lets look at Bipasha who looks marvelous and let the designer bask in the glory of her garment been worn by a celeb rather than being so judgmental…… Believe you me the list of copy cats is endless and witnesses participation by people from top league as well. Unfortunately there is no copyright or patenting on garments ……


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