Bipasha on Hi! Blitz:(Un)Covered

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From the barely there dress to a sari with full sleeves. We aren’t being prudes but can’t deny as well that Ms. Basu looks absolutely adorable channeling her inner bong on the April Hi! Blitz.

P.S. We think she is wearing Sabya on the cover.

Bipasha Basu on Hi! Blitz

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  1. Sometimes your choice of words to describe the ladies are a bit flabbergasting. I am not even sure why the word prude came to your minds.
    Anyway Ms. Basu looks absolutely lovely. In fact this is a better cover than the Deepika Padukone one.

  2. She looks amazing on the cover. I am sucker for big red bindis..! The only thing I don’t like about this look would be the excessive number of necklaces.. one or maybe two necklaces max. I dont like the longest one at all.

  3. I am so not convinced by BB. She is definitely a beautiful woman but she always has the same face on! Not sure why she’s an ‘actress’ but obviously it’s not up to me so here she is, (everywhere)!

  4. Her face says very little in these pictures. One of the comments above made me realize what seems to be missing here. Her expression is nearly always exactly what it is here, frozen, restrained. The clothes are beautiful, larger than life, her face doesn’t mirror that at all, it just says ‘I’m Bipasha Basu.’ and doesn’t tell a story, the way it could, despite the fact that she’s an actress. Nevertheless, she does look elegant.

  5. She isn’t wearing a Sabya on the cover. She is wearing a sari by Agnimitra Paul and Blouse by Shantanu Goenka. The Shawl is by Ritu Kumar.


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