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Announced as the face of India Resort Fashion Week ’13 and India Fashion Awards, Bipasha attended the press meet in a Rocky S gown. Dramatic hair and smokey eyes completed her look.

If you can’t go over the top at a fashion related event, when can you? But unfortunately for Bipasha, the hair took over her entire look. Not that we were gushing over the gown to begin with.

Bipasha Basu At IRFW And India Fashion Awards Press Meet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Gosh- what does it take to please you guys??! She looks so smoking hot- it’s like she finally got the memo on how the fierce muscular gladiator look was doing her no favors …Love love love the hair and eyes…all that hair : she’s channelling runway romantic and props to her courage in ‘staging’ this look!!
    Now my final teeny weeny gripe: what’s with that ugly fugly stripe at the bottom? looks like a satin sari fall attached to the dress..eeks!

  2. Hair plus dress go horrible together. Hair might have looked ok with a bikini in a resort line fashion show. There is no excuse for the dress.

  3. Not sure what pleases you guys. If she tied her hair it will be ‘same old same old’. She is at a high fashion event and she has tried a new look which cloth horses like kajol would never dream of. She tried something new and she looks great!

  4. I get where she was trying to go with this but…With a face and body like that, she should be making jaws drop, but somehow she almost always manages to miss the mark. She is too bloody gorgeous to let this happen…either hire a stylist or fire your current one. And Ps, no dress should ever end with a hem like that…I could’ve done a better job and I’m pretty sure I can’t sew.

  5. no Bips no! marcel waves could have maybe saved this disaster. Rocky S has lost his mojo.. sadly. remember his first runway collection.. some lost princess with fall leaves (some such thing) was pretty cool.


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