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We’ve seen Bipasha do floral before and do it well… Here too, she looked pretty darn good!

But now that she’s gotten the look down, how about taking it up just a notch? The belt is a great addition but not a fan of black. A patent belt in tan or nude or even better, an unexpected burst of neon color would’ve been perfect with the dress and those nude peeptoes!

Bipasha Basu At Tommy Hilfiger Collection Launch

Queenie and Raageshwari too took on the trend by way of their accessories. While for Raageshwari it was a lil’ floral brooch/accent on her suspenders, it was on a multi-strand necklace for Queenie.

Can we first applaud Queenie for continuing to stay off of gold and excessive bling? Baby-steps. As for Raageshwari, only she could work that outfit and make it look charming!

Left: Raageshwari At Endemol Party
Right: Queenie Singh At Tommy Hilfiger Collection Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Didn’t Kangana have an unexpected burst of neon just a few posts below by wearing those bright pumps and you panned it saying too much going on with the dress so not a good idea. So wearing a bright belt with a dress where too much is going on would be a good idea? I am confused!
    I think Bips looks great!! Wouldnt change a thing about her look.

    • Yep. Picking on her belt and shoes here is just that – picky. She looks great, even though I wish her dress was a tad longer. Also love Raageshwari’s look.

  2. And you’ve nothing to say about the length of Bipasha’s dress?? She’s got great legs and she is looking amazing but that hemline is so freaking short and flared, I wonder if it doesn’t make her uncomfortable or i wonder if it ever crosses her mind even once that its an innerwear show waiting to happen..

  3. Love Raageshwari & her styling. Such a class act. I’m tired of seeing Bipasha in these short numbers. Why she doesn’t get much of a flak l is still a mystery to me.

  4. OK i get it ..
    Its SPRING!!!!

    every one in B-town is going gaga over floral prints…
    ghar mein chahe ek plant bhi nahi lagaye!!!

  5. No, Bipasha looks like ‘mutton dressed like lamb’. That dress is too tweeny for her. It is a dress my niece would wear from the juniors department.

    Not to mention, the accessories are all wrong – too heavy for the light spring look.

  6. I can bet bips and queenie cant get out of a car (or sitting on any chair) without showing thr lingerie.. so i am automatically going to chose raageshwari on this.
    Showing undies is not fashionable but wtheyy !

  7. i think this is queenie’s best appearance till date…without a thick coat of bronzer her face looks nice.

    though wish these ultra short dresses fade aways from the fashion world….they should wear these dresses with a pant if they are so short or they need to be atleast 2 inches longer.

  8. The dress looks too young for Bipasha. And the belt is too wide. If it were just a different type of dress but with the same print I would have liked it.

        • I agree with Ratna. Fashion should be age and role appropriate. teh comment is not meant to sound derogatory and can apply in instances when someone young choose to wear “matronly” clothes. You base fashion on the canvas it rests on. So I think age, body type are all relevant references on this blog. HHC, what’s your take on this?

  9. I actually like the black belt as a contrast. If you kept a nude colored belt, it would have looked totally washed out with the dress and her skin tone. It wouldnt have popped as well as the black has done in this case. Plus choosing any color that was within that floral range likely would have received a WTHeyy. I like how she pulled it off, the shoes go well and allow the focus to remain on the dress.


  10. I completely agree with Carol, the dress is ‘tweeny’ for Bipasha. I like the dress but IMO, it would look great on someone younger and with a smaller frame.

    I love Raageshwari’s outfit tho. Bravo!

  11. Love Bipasha but only neck up ! great face there ! I have the same dress from a mexico-street factory outlet :p
    as usual LOVE raageshwari and her styling. thumbs up ! wish she would pose with some drama, she always looks a little shy, almost ready to run after the shot ))))))) cute !

  12. raageswari and bipasha are like a breath of fresh air because their aproach to fashion is simple. it’s a great antidote to the over the top outfits of sonam and rhea kapoor.

  13. Bips looks cute and girly..but i cant help but think she always looks so high street! I guess there is nothin wrong with that though. You dont have to be in designer wear from head to toe to be stylish. Wish dress was longer

  14. Super like Rageswari’s androgynous look, I generally feel Queenie Dhody tries too hard to keep up the ‘socialite’ image but she’s looking quite dapper her…the multilayered necklace looks tres chic! Bips, again I feel d dress is too short for her really long legs, but she manages to look nice.


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