A Safe Bet?

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There always will be a couple of people who stick to black at an event, and this time it was Bhavna and Farah. Hated Farah’s outfit with the overdose of layers and pearls(notice the shoes yet?) and Bhavna’s dress is not doing anything for us at all.

What say you?

Bhavna Pandey, Anna Singh Store Launch
Farah Khan, Anna Singh Store Launch

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  1. Bhavna’s dress does;t add much emphasis to her body. She should have considered a nice deep purple versace dress that flows well. While, Farah cant save such a tragedy. too much pearls and the dress makes her appear much larger then her actual size.

  2. Are those pearls on shoes? eh? Farah, I have wide toes like yours and the only time i show them are while lounging in flip flops. We have weird toes. Okay? And we don’t want balls on the top of the feet. Thanks for listening.

  3. and what’s wrong with black?? black is always sexy…as long as it’s worn with nice shoes and jewelery. anyways these 2 dresses are bad black or red!!


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