Jack(et) It Up

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Spotted Bandana pair a one-shouldered embellished dress with a jacket, pumps and a Chanel flap at a recent event. Addition of a jacket made all the difference… Else, the dress on it’s own would’ve been quite unremarkable and entirely too predictable.

We like.

Bandana Tewari At Equation Auction 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. gorgeous…truly a style icon!! One of the few people I admire…she carries herself with aplomb…and delivers that rare polish and maturity than as compared to far more seasoned performers in her league!! Hats off to Bandana…carry on!!

  2. I think it’s the wrong shape for her; makes her look like a jalapeno, broad at the top and tapered at the bottom. Very unflattering look.

  3. sheesh. so off the mark in the throw on a jacket-on dress- look.

    gold patterns on the dress with the gold earing and heavy make up hints a different look from black jack jacket with dress combo.

    lady looks pretty pleased with herself though..

  4. I dont believe on should play by the rule, however, the dress is an awkward length, cutting through her knees and hugging the lower half of her body. It’s shapeless and the jacket is odd.. ..

    PS: is this a tan or her natural skin tone.. with Indians its confusing !


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