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Bani J also is part of the Zee’s show I Can Do That and below are looks she’s sported so far on the show. Me, I knew which look I liked the least instantly. It was the tiered Madison skirt. Just not a fan of the skirt itself.

My fav look, the Gauri-Nainika. I love how the sleeveless gown showcased her intricate tattoos. One almost felt like the gown had printed sleeves when it didn’t.

Which look stood out the most for you?

P.S. In case you are wonder why the nose bandage in the Armaan-Aiman look, it’s because she had surgery on it.


Bani J on I Can Do That Sets


Bani J on I Can Do That Sets

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  1. Never been a fan of her tattoos. Too huge and makes her look masculine. especially takes off the elegance of indian wear. None of the looks work here. She should stick to the biker chic/ rockstar style.

  2. The tattoos are fine, but they’d probably look better in very streamlined Indianwear looks, not the elaborate lehengas etc she’s got on here. The top three looks are “nice” for that reason.

  3. She looks gorgeous in most of them and I especially LOVE it that she has all her tattoos – she stands out for her individual style rather than the cookie cutter bodies and looks that celebs believe in.


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