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Lending their support to designers showing on day two of ongoing Fashion Week were Bandana (of Vogue), Sujata (formerly of Harper’s Bazaar) and Ekta (of Grazia). We like!

Bandana is in Drashta and it was Yogesh Chaudhary for both Sujata and Ekta.

L To R: Bandana Tewari, Sujata Assomull And Ekta Rajani At Lakme Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. What on earth is that thing hanging from the crotch area of Ms Tiwari. Look like some kids rattle. Such a sad drape of the sari. The last look is better than the other two.

    • ROFL ….. Haahaaa…..
      ‘kids rattle’ … Heeheee…. Aptly described that hanging thing….

      And what was the need for the matching neckpiece with such a busy print?!? Did you say she works for Vogue ?!?

      And though its good to see someone wearing a saree at FW, the saree
      itself is nothing to write about and the drape is so bad….

      And the outfit in the 3rd pic ! Mish- mash of horixontal & vertical stripes….

      Ps: PnP, its okay to be critical abt what these big shots working at top fashion magazines wear….

      • PnP will refrain from criticizing any big shot for fear of lost opportunities. I would suggest to just ask readers what they think rather than kissing a$$

    • lol@kids rattle. I feel like shaking the woman and asking, why?!
      Sujata looks like she’s wrapped a towel. What a waste of a beautiful saree.
      Ekta reminds me of optical illusion pics. You’ll see Rajnikanth if you cross your eyes and concentrate.

  2. Seriously… Bandana should be in WHTey…. thread and snail-tansel coming out from odd place is liked by HHC.
    Only one lady is wearing good and i dont think have to say who…

  3. Now I feel awful about being so censorious to the Vogue ladies’ outfits during their last event. Looking at Sujata and Ekta, I am thinking that flair for fashion is definitely not a requirement when applying for the editor’s job at any fashion magazine (even international) in India.

  4. I truly dislike each of the outfits! eek! Women from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia, caught wearing that? Oh Lord! Oh and Bandana’s yo-yo thing around the crotch area, is just a whole other story!

  5. A sad, sad day for Indian fashion. Let us observe a moment of silence for these poor fashion disaster victims. Then let us collectively roll on the floor and die laughing.

    • Heehehe are funny..moment of silence it seems..totally agree with lal of the above..just bcoz they work at hi fashion magazines doesn’t mean automatically they can work any look ..end of day they are like us and need to look at mirror before stepping out .usually Bandana rocks but dunno wot she thought here..the saree could have been draped elegantly and the last look …something is not working for sure…if we the lesser fashionistas ;-) can spot out ..sure these biggies could too…

  6. The more I see fashionistas wearing saris, the more I wonder if there’s actually a “cool/different” factor to wearing it badly. Like, slouchy cool translated into Indian wear.
    Needless to say, it does NOT work. Either wear it well, or for the love of god, don’t wear it
    (I tend to get a little stabby when Indians wear Indian clothes badly. It just doesn’t make sense to me)
    I don’t mind #3 so much, it’s okay. As for Bandana, the less said, the better.

  7. I don’t say they have to look like models from their magazines, but if they could at least make an effort to wear something not so garish (Bandana), Boring -read “didn’t even try” (Sujata), weird (Ekta), it would have been nice. Also, it would be nice to see their hair and faces put together, they look like they just jumped out of bed and went to a fashion event! Aren’t they supposed to be ambassadors of fashion, and representing their mags at this event? Aren’t they supposed to make the weird stuff look wearable by the common woman?

  8. LOL! I have to give it to you…it looks like a wiggly aquatic form (given the print of my ensemble) was trying to see the light of day. BUT what about my expression?? I look so servile, with that sad stance of a nervous no-body. Such subservience in my eyes. I think it’s a sign for me to finally dive into that 50 shades of grey number. That should help me improve my pose & pout…then I can prance around like a proud filly. (Or, I just train my own photographer. Only writers don’t make that kinda money y’know)


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