Stealing The Show

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Some may have come under-dressed to the reception, not Ayesha though! She went all out! And how.

On an aside, how pretty does she look!?! Especially in that close-up picture… Flawless make-up!

Ayesha Takia At Prakash Raj And Pony Verma‘s Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Totally. Never outshine the bride is an unspoken rule.
      The lehenga in a different colour would have been still ok i guess.Something more subtle like light shade of pink or peach. RED is traditional hindu bridal colour.

    • She looks very pretty no doubt. I don’t understand why one would dress in bridal attire at someone else’s wedding. Unfortunately for the bride, Ayesha looks more like the bride at this event.

    • Seriously. Just because Ayesha chose horrific outfits at her own wedding doesn’t mean that she gets to try again at somebody else’s expense! And speaking of the outfit, it is quite tacky – everything else about her styling is great – hair, makeup, jewelry, even the fit, but that outfit is horrid.

      • I saw Pony’s outfit, and I think Pony looked very nice and very much the bride herself. Whether Ayesha outshone her or not, is subjective. I think not.
        Of course there are a lot more things that make a bride THE BRIDE, not just clothing.

        But Ayesha needs to keep in mind that she is naturally beautiful so she might want to be a bit more careful selecting her outfits. Certainly this one was the wrong one to wear to some one else’s wedding. Thankfully, she did not overshadow the bride OR ELSE …


        …and back to fashion – Ayesha looks cute as ever in that outfit! Wish this was her wedding outfit.

  1. She’s looking gorgeous which makes the dress in pink more of a disappointment. Why can’t designers put her in dresses that actually complement her?

    I agree with the comments above about stealing the bride’s thunder, though.

  2. She luks lovely! Should see the bride before commenting on stealing the thunder part..

    In my first glance; she looked like Sri devi and then I scroll down and see Sri devi in a weird denims+ethnic avatar…

  3. hmmm..she is looking nice..hope the bride was wearing something even more brighter and heavier..!! ;)
    have seen too many newly weds wear stuff like this to other ppl’s i guess in a way its ok..!! its always better to see ppl dress up for someone’s party or event rather than turn up in casuals..

  4. She looks gorgeous…what with the pout though. Why is everyone trying to copy Kareena’s pout, which she herself has copied from God knows who….

  5. WOW …she is glowing!!! Now y dint she wear this to her own Nikaah…..and i love the neckpiece….She looks so pretty….

  6. The clothes she is wearing look quiet typical bridal wear. A bit too busy for my liking.

    But ya, nice make up ! I wonder if it looks as nice face-to-face.

  7. She is really looking nice…and true the make up is looking fab!
    the outfit is disgusting!!
    and its really not right to look like the bride at someone else wedding!

  8. ….liking the necklace..but the lengha leaves much to be desired…plus its so not appropriate for the occassion.

    also, why cant she ( and many other people ive noticed on this website..which is great btw), carry a lust worthy clutch rather than carry their mobile device in their hands! this is SOO annoying…

    • I think its better they carry their phones in their hand than ruin a gorgeous outfit with an ugly clutch! And knowing how Ayesha often pairs her accessories, there is a big chance of that happening!

  9. so pretty ! what a beauty , a head turner for sure , love the color on her and love her eyes !!!! so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

  10. Being red it looks like an attempt to upstage the bride! She is perfectly beautiful with her natural eyes, not these obvious contacts. Celebs, please flaunt your natural eye color or get truly real-looking contacts.


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