Wearing Her Own

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I can’t remember the last time we spotted Ms. Depala in anything but her own label, not that we are complaining. We’ve always maintained a designer who wears her own designs always earns brownie points from us and it can’t be argued that Ayesha wears ’em well.

While not a fan of the jumpsuit, love the white dress paired with those pink Loubs.


Ayesha Depala
Left And Centre: At Louis Vuitton Store Launch, Oct 09
Right: At Bulgari’s 125th Anniversary Party, Nov 09

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  1. Call me crazy but I think those Loubs are a complete mismatch with the outfit. The dress says more formal evening out while the Loubs scream ‘party!!!’. Not feeling the combo.

  2. Oh no, those shoes are from “My Party Pink Barbie” Collection! I like the pumps on the other lady.
    The white dress and jewellery look great…so does she.

  3. what better way to offset a white dress tha with some neon loubs!! hot hot!
    even the jumpsuit’s quite on the trend. she wears it well.

    • I just realised, doesn’t that jumpsuit remind u of the zac posen dress that frieda also wore?? the color, fabric, single shoulder style.. its all very reminiscent,no ?

  4. she has a beautiful face and is very well groomed but her sense of style is too conservative, boring and much older than her age.

  5. I personally love that she works an elegant dress and a rocking jumpsuit at the same time!Finally we are seeing some REAL style on HHC than bollywood hooker numbers!

    @pdaervo…often agree with your comments on most things!

  6. She has such a thing for resettes. Even her clutch is not spared. But I do like her in the white dress. & I do not mind the pumps either.

  7. i’d never have thought to pair a white dress with hot pink shoes
    and I love fashion that surprises and inspires me to try something new
    and she honestly wears the jumpsuit well – and that’s hard! I’ve tried. Hehe