In Vivienne Westwood

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Spotted Ms. Depala in Vivienne Westwood at the Paris Fashion Week. Trust her to always keep it interesting… Love the Marni necklace and Louboutin pumps but if it were up to us, we’d have much rather she passed on the pale pink Chanel in favor of something else.



Ayesha Depala At The Dior Showing, Paris Fashion Week

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  1. i really hate those trousers, kinda make it look like they’ve been put on the wrong side. it’s really isn’t a flattering shape.

  2. Whats with the trousers? theyre giving her a bulge in her..err…nevermind.
    Actually her emsemble as separates is so much better than all of it together. The top and the trousers make her look like she has too much fabric on her.
    I do like the contrast of her pale pink with the neck piece and simple hair an make up to go with.

  3. What’s so ‘interesting’ about this look?
    Toss a stone in the the air and it’ll hit someone dressed like this in Delhi’s Khan Market!


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