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Athiya and Sooraj visited the sets of Dance India Dance where the former was seen in a printed Sabyasachi jumpsuit and matching belt. A floral print like that had the potential to look overwhelming but it worked on her. She looked good.

We must also add that we’re loving the change in hairdo.


Athiya Shetty on Dance India Dance Sets


Athiya Shetty on Dance India Dance Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. For a newcomer she has an amazing fashion sense. Most of her looks seemed effortless, hopefully she stays that way and doesn’t turn to be trying too hard like others.

  2. I see a huge bias towards Athiya on these pages like she can do no wrong . It’s like people are cheering her as an alternative to sonam !
    Take this appearance for example.. It’s an ugly outfit in a dowdy colour with a boring print . It just looks like yards of fabric
    The make up is also suitably dull.

    • Don’t understand how can one call a color like red dowdy.About the ‘dull’ make-up, maybe she has an amazing skin and doesn’t need to plaster it with loads of makeup.

    • Yup! & it´s hysterical because Sonam Kapoor is obviously the reference her team used to launch her. I wouldn´t be surprised if Sonam & Rhea hooked the PH with the right access & stylists for Athiya´s launch. Baring a few actresses who are stylish on their own, Sonam Kapoor is the ultimate trendsetter in the industry. It´ s so funny to see her haters trying to create a rivalry where there is none.

      It´s actually flattering for Sonam because when people try to find a version of you they could justify liking in every newcomer, you know you got it.

      Good for Athiya, she is not stupid to jump on that train. To quote her: ” I laugh when people compare me to Sonam Kapoor, that’s just impossible as she is in a different league and nobody can be compared to her.”

    • She makes it work! Sonam started off like this and then just went over the top. Anyway hope Athiya can act else like Sonam she will just be a fashionista with no acting substance.

      • Sona has always been over the top, lol. It´s her thing. The Saawaiyaa outfits were not really up to her. & she had no one except yesteryears actresses to look up to. Anyway, I see Athiya is adding more & more of her personal style, which is great.

        & Sonam Kapoor has always been a promising actress from the jump & she is progressing further. She shouldn´t have to be less of a fashionista for people to admit it, just because they don´t like her offscreen personality. I wish folks would retire the myths already .

  3. Wow, those cheek-bones are razor sharp.
    I hear she’s downplaying her makeup to look ‘softer’! (things bollywood makes these girls do)
    I think give it some time and she’ll be looking pretty fierce.

    • People have been comparing her to sonam. But I think she looks a lot like Deepika. Tall, dusky, sharp features and elegant. But I still love deepika!

  4. This outfit is borderline grandma’s drapes, made to look more drapey because of her height..
    Unfortunately, not a very good look. maybe in a shorter length, or on someone under 6′ tall :P

  5. She looks perfect head to toe. The outfit looks great on her. Amazing features she has got and hope she continues to keep her make up to a minimal.

  6. Gorgeous dress color, but she has a manly jaw and looks like Kareena Kapoor if she exposes it too much :(

    Seems like she can do nothing wrong…. hope she enjoys this ride :P


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