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For two back to back promotions, Athiya went desi wearing an Arpita Mehta gold look to one and a yellow Divya Sheth look to the other. I have to admit, I wasn’t a fan of the lame-esque material of this particular Arpita look, but somehow the look seems to work on Athiya. Maybe because she kept the look simple.

As for the Divya Sheth, I just love the outfit itself so much that by default I like the look.

Which of the two do you like more? Both (and neither) are acceptable answers as well. :P


Athiya Shetty at Hero Promotions


Arpita Mehta


Divya Sheth

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  1. Finally someone arrived in Bollywood who can rock all the runway looks very easily with her tall and lean model like looks. Athiya worked both the outfits but I liked her more in Divya Sheth outfit.

  2. I dont like both of these looks…But its nice to see her sport a wide range of designers and unconventional designs..I like the runway version of gold arpita mehta gown..

  3. While I have loved all of Athiya’s looks fashion-wise, she’s not bringing any personality. It’s always the exact same expression and you could literally interchange the outfits. I wish she would smile, laugh and be more herself.

  4. Plz guys stop comparing this girl with sonam, sonam is gorgeous, Athiys is nice but she looks more like Bipasha basu, i don’t know y anyone has not noticed this. or people (deepika PR) here are blinded by the hatred for sonam. They are hell bent on promoting her as next sonam.

  5. love both ! i thought i will never be saying this ,may be the overwhelming praise by others was a bit too much to digest for me.seemed everyone was following the sonam tread ! But man ,she looks super stylish in both the outfits and so want them now. Indian outfits are a little different so never really wanted to have them but these two are beautiful . Anyway to purchase them ?

  6. Wish Athiya had chosen to model. It would have been a great career choice. She isn’t the conventional pretty Hindi film heroine, but has a great body and face structure for modeling.

  7. She is looking pretty in both the outfits. I like how she is keeping make up and hair simple. If it is looking good and working, then one does not have to keep changing. Kudos!!


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