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Wearing a pink Nikasha suit, Asin joined Akshay Kumar at Khiladi 786 promotions at Mithibai college. Love the suit but is it us or is her a makeup a bit off?

Asin at Khiladi 786 Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Eew, hate the suit! P&P, what did you love about the suit??? Why is she always trying to portray the i-am-so-sweet look? The color is horrible and as for her makeup, she always have so much on! Esp in Housefull2 (sorry, I know this is unrelated to the pic but I need to vent!). Her make up there was just so bloody thick it was disgusting! Anyways, she looks too plastic for me!

  2. All actresses wear makeup that’s at least two shades lighter. It looks great in some lights but in some flashes the greyish tone is super obvious.

  3. Horrible color combination of the suit!! Its such an eyesore….orange n pink is a color combo that i feel very few can carry off well..but for asin it certainly does not work!!

  4. YUCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! look at those sandals , those colors n tht horrible makeup ….. i dont think these pics deserve any place on a fashion blog …

  5. Guys, it’s an outfit fr stage. Hence the bright colors, she chose color instead of goin the regular crystal glitter shimmer stage costume look. Plus these pics r bad lighting, there r other better pics of the sameeee event n Mkup n outfit on d net where she looks GORGEOUS!!!!!


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