Ditto: A Shoe Edition

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Spotted the same pair of shoes on sisters Aditi and Arzoo at two recent events!

The sisters chose to accessorize with a metallic gold clutch (in Aditi’s case, it was a Gucci) and gold shoes… While, we disliked the footwear itself, it did fare better on Aditi; a tad less jarring don’t you think?

P.S: Did Aditi sit at all during the event? Her dress (?) seems dangerously short!


Left: Aditi Govitrikar At Triumph Lingerie Awards
Right: Arzoo Govitrikar At GQ Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Hate the shoes, but yes, they look marginally better on Aditi. Love hte dress + clutch, not together tho.And why is everyone on this site so conservative? The dress length is perfectly fine!

  2. It’s not about being conservative but practical, how did she sit or maybe bend over.
    The length and neckline of what Aditi is wearing are more suited for a top rather than a dress.

  3. @ sana in a lot of other countries people where dresses/ shorts/ skirts of that length. I think if a normal person can pull it off a celebrity definetely can. And besides, she IS a celeb, sometimes they do dress a bit impractically just to look good / attract paparazzi attention.

  4. nothing looks more sad than a over the hill women trying to “look” sexy in a very short dress! havent they seen the Oprah show where she tells what level of exposure at what age looks sexy???


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