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Grazia takes on Spring’s other big trend, floral, with a models only cover featuring Liza, Nidhi and Arshia. Catch more of the shoot inside.

Left: Liza Golden in Chanel with AM:PM slip
Center: Nidhi Sunil in Pashma dress with Fendi belt
Right: Arshia in D&G blouse and Sanchita skirt

Left: Dior gown with Anand Bhushan Waistcoat
Right: Moschino Cheap & Chic Polka Dot Dress

Left: On Arshia, Top & Shorts by Alberta Ferretti
Center: On Liza, Kenzo Dress
Right: On Nidhi, Walnut Blouse With Dauphine Skirt

Photo Credit: Grazia

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  1. LOVE the cover!! The headshot of the girl is beauutiful but the flowers should have been placed. they look random and the blue dress is horrible :(

  2. So pretty!!
    But the word placement on the cover is a bit odd for a magazine.
    Importantly though, the pictures work. Grazia India more often then not get it right!

  3. Wow, love the pics!

    okay, question for you ladies who live in India. Do people there really afford to buy this stuff? Have people’s spending powers increased SO MUCH?
    I mean, ordinary middle class Americans would not be able to afford this stuff. So considering the historical wealth levels of middle class in India, I am really surprised to see so many high fashion mags targeted towards Indian audience showcasing so much designer stuff.

    Can you tell I have not been to India in a long time? I am also planning on visiting India next month and wanted to buy some stuff for the extended family – cousins, aunts, etc. I would appreciate recommendations. someone who took some chocolates and other stuff reported that his friends and family kinda turned up their noses at the gifts. I would prefer to buy something that the family will atleast like.

    • For what it is worth, my extended family lives in Bangalore and Delhi- to give you an idea about what kind of local shopping is available to them.

      • isn’t that a bit like asking who US fashion mags are targeted at if middle-class Americans can’t afford the DvFs and Chanels the mags showcase? all fashion is aspirational, and high-street brands adopt the trends and make affordable versions available to middle-class pockets. Malls in India are already full of the floral trend, for instance.
        as for presents to bring from the US, that is a tricky subject–i agree, with so many foreign brands available in India now, the shopping HAS become more difficult for our desi friends/family returning home. asking what they want is a good start!

      • These magazines are purely aspirational. While the upper class in India in the big cities is quite label savvy now, the middle class really isn’t. (Obviously, I’m generalizing, I don’t know the specific people you’re talking about).

        Take for example-Zara opening a store in Mumbai created a HUGE hype and half of Bollywood was roped in for the opening. Obviously a similar event in a western country would have been of little consequence.

        There’s a big gap in the market for reasonably priced but chic fashion labels (according to my cousin, who does research on emerging consumer patterns in big Indian cities).

        American chocolates are not a good gift choice. But cute handbags and party shoes will definitely be appreciated, if you know their taste/ shoe size. Also if your relatives enjoy it, then good wine/ champagne- the selection in India is very limited and expensive. Don’t buy any jewelry though, you definitely get amazing, affordable stuff in Delhi.

        If anybody in your family is a beach person- swimsuits, bikinis and cover ups! The choice anywhere in India is pathetic.

        Foreign films (European, Iranian etc) or interesting, lesser-known books are great gifts for people who like that sort of thing. The choice in Indian cities is limited to a few big stores like Landmark and if I want a book that isn’t an international best seller, or a non-Hollywood/ Bollywood film when I’m in India, then I always have to order it online.

      • PG,
        I keep moving back and forth between India and US – a year here, a year there and when in India, I live in Bangalore. So I can share some of my experiences :)

        When I go from US to India, I find it very hard to buy gifts for people back home – they dont like chocolates, perfumes, cosmetics etc because all the brands are available in India easily so there is no novelty. One thing women in my family still appreciate is shoes, and bags. It is hard to find good looking pumps and wedges in India in my experience (or they are very expensive). Other thing my family still likes is toys – apparently there are better options in US but I know nothing about toys so I usually ignore that :)

        About spending power, it has definitely gone up for middle class. Dont know about the luxury brands, but high street brands like mango/fcuk etc do well in Bangalore from what i can tell, and to me they always seem more expensive than they do here in US. To give another example, M.A.C in Bangalore does very well – but imagine would anyone in the past think about spending 800+ rupees on a lipstick? But now, people would – not everyone (hell no) but enough to keep a store in business.

      • Hey PG,
        I wonder the same thing living here and also haven’t been back in a few years. Everytime I go it’s a whole different place! I also have relatives in Delhi.
        For the women, cousins and Bhabhis I always take makeup or beauty products, and purses, obviously toys/crayons & coloring books for kids and it’s always been well recieved. For the men, honestly I have no idea, so hopefully someone else can chime in there.

      • @PG
        It is very tricky to give you an idea. But i will try.
        Your relatives live in the places where if they can afford and have that expensive taste they would find ALMOST everything. Also most of the Dollar store items are now available in India. But that said important thing is to note not every body in these places buys the same thing or has the same taste. your one relative may live in ‘jhumritaliya’ and still may have better stuff than people living in other places if they can afford and have exposure.
        For general/simple peeps (non fancy ones) lotions shampoos chocolates tealight holders, basic makeup stuff ..some kitchen stuff like cooking spatulas , measuring cups. tshirts/tops..still make sense.

        If your budget is higher you could think on the same lines with better brands.

        And as for your friend’s story about rolling eyes..i hear it all the time here in US and sometime feel we make unnecessary stories about it and also like to believe it. :)
        Just take anything if you are going after long time..most will be just happy to see you :)

    • PG,

      Any high end fashion magazine is intended to inform about and inspire its readers with the latest trends and artistry of designers. Affordability is a totally different aspect. Just like middle class Americans / NRIs cannot afford to buy pieces featured in Vogue editorials, middle class Indians can’t afford high end pieces either all the time. Having said that, I think the buying power has definitely increased for Indians over the years as well as awareness about fashion. So you might see “middle class” Indians splurging on designer stuff once in a while just like you and I splurge on the occasional Coach purse or the Marc Jacobs dress.

    • Obviously high fashion mags would showcase designer stuff. And I take you’ve never bought a fashion magazine? there;s always a healthy mix of high fashion and more affordable products and this applies to all magazines from any part of the world. Why would Indian magazines be any different?

    • For the special ones buy something that they might really like rather than buying a gallon bottle of shampoo/purses etc eg for an auntie, a nice tote, a shirt/tie or a watch for you grandpa, a makeup kit for your closest cousin. For the rest of the extended family show up with a box of fresh mithai from the local sweetshop.

  4. P&P,

    Feel free to not publish my comment as it is sort of irrelevant to your blog but I just feel strongly about it.


    I visit India once every year and carry with me gifts that I feel my family will appreciate….and they do…every single time. Although the novelty aspect of “American Gifts” has decreased over the years, I think a lot of things are much cheaper in the U.S. than in India (even if you convert $ to Rs.) such as Van Heusen shirts,
    Swarovski jewelery, Hersheys chocolates, Olay, L’oreal, Maybelline cosmetics, and some perfumes such as Elizabeth
    Arden, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

  5. Wow, thanks for all the great feedback. Some very good ideas here. Obviously, I am in for a huge surprise when I visit India this time around.

    Also I did not mean to be snarky at all about fashion mags comment/question. Truthfully, even though most of these pieces are aspirational, they are still within reach for middle class. Maybe their entire wardrobe is not full of Vogue featured clothes and accessories, but they can easily buy one or two seasonal items if they want to.

    I am glad that people in India also now have more buying power. Its great!


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