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It was a super-glam Sabyasachi sari for IAAC executive director, Aroon Shivdasani at the premiere of ‘Do Dooni Chaar’ on the opening night of New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF)… We may not agree with her choice of blouse (at all) but she does wear her look with a certain amount of charm and confidence that we can’t help but like! Oh, and how I love that sari… I may be biased coz it hangs in my closet! ;)

Ms. Shivdasani was also spotted in a far more understated sari during the Film Festival which she once again paired with a halter-neck blouse. And again, not particularly a fan of the blouse.

P.S: The Sabyasachi sari (from Pia Ka Ghar) was to be auctioned off for charity after the premiere.

Aroon Shivdasani
Left, Centre: At NYIFF Opening Night Premiere Of ‘Do Dooni Chaar’
Right: At NYIFF

Photo Credit: NYIFF, Michael Toolan

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  1. I dont know but I find her dignifiedl! lol! maybe all that grey hair helps…theres something abt her personality…

  2. Oh My!!! That’s a bit too much skin for me!! The same saree with a little more conservative blouse would have totally rocked!!

    PS: Did she remind anyone else of Vivek Oberoi’s mom…I’m forgetting her name…

  3. Horribly age-inappropriate blouse distracting from a sari that should have stolen the show. I am grateful that the second blouse is a halter and manages to cover things up.

  4. Yeah I dont like the saree. I don’t even think its coz of the way she is wearing it. That saree speaks everything but elegance and sophistication.

  5. I guess she forgot the saree was see through, otherwise she wouldn’t have worn a bra for a blouse. Sabya must be cringing.
    Her second look is more elegant.

  6. ooooooooooh…luuurve the saree…hate it wid dat blouse on her tho….just one question @priyanka…how much of a dent wud dat saree make in ma bank bal??….dying to buy it…..

  7. It’s a lovely sari. Wrong choice of blouse. I may sound discriminating but bra-like blouses are simply meant for the younger generation.

  8. she should have kept the pallu little down so then it wont be a one boob show.
    aslo dont like the big gold border for that non-traditional looking saree material & color. atleast a thin border would have been better.

  9. gorgeous saree. love that she wears her age and grey hair with elan unlike all the other ancient actresses (rekha, dimple, hema) who dye their hair and work out like crazy.

    That said, its too sheer a saree for someone who doesn’t have the body for it.


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