Couple Capers

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While the hubbies went a darker route, the women helped keep the balance. Unfortunately as cute as both of the couples are, the ladies’ outfits weren’t festive enough. For us anyways. Got a favorite couple?

Mehr Jessia, Arjun Rampal, Sussanne Roshan and Hrithik Roshan
Shilpa Shetty Diwali Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. mehr always looks washed out n kinda pale….she doesnt have that glow …..i dunno…maybe its part of her make up…bt i do like the arm candy she sports…yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Gosh the men look so drool-worthy. Mehr looks tired,maybe her makeup is more natural and toned down. The red bindi and bangles on Suzanne look nice. Guess the Roshans win this round.

  3. The colous are sooo pale. Btw, is that the first time suzanne is wearing a bindi ???? I wish more ladies would wear a bindi when going the traditional look. It just completes it.

  4. I actually <3 Suzanne in this pic, just the right amount of everything. she is got the right fit of the suit,the color , the clutch , hint of red and her hair and makeup. I think she looks super cute here.

  5. Hrithik & Arjun are both delish. Couple wise, the Roshans wins. I like that Suzzane wore red bindi and red bangles to break all white look.

  6. the Roshans look perfect
    love su’s hair, the kameez..the shoes, clutch, hint of red..coupled with the amazing arm candy..def this is her best appearace after a couple of misses

  7. switch partners! suzanne and arjun look dressed up. mehr and hrithik look too casual. love suzanne’s bindi, bangles look. her outfit fits her perfectly. the gold clutch is nice too.


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