Anushka on Verve: (Un)Covered

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Ms. Sharma graces this month’s Verve’s cover wearing a white Payal Pratap kurta with gold bangles from Jaipur Gems. Like the simplicity of this cover?


Anushka Sharma on Verve Mar 2015

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. Love love love. The lack of earrings are bugging me a little though, small drop earrings, studs, or small bali’s would have tied the look.

  2. Forget the dress, forget the makeup, forget the photographer…
    ….wait a minute, I forgot who is on the cover since she looks like a ghost of what she’s supposed to be be, thanks to the supremely talented photo shopper’s fixing skills. Bravo dear face and body fixer – please take a bow on putting in all those extra hours on extreme photo shopping and successfully making her not look like her at all!!!! wah wah…

    • ya! where is her chubbiness and bubbly smile.. doesn’t look like her self .. the outfit is beautiful though she should keep it and wear it…

  3. It almost looks like a Femina cover from the ’90s. Which – may I add- is obviously never a compliment. So dull and boring.


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