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Wearing Chola, Anushka attended Ensemble’s new store launch in Mumbai recently. A pair of black sandals and gold-tone cuff rounded out her look. You know we love an oversized, boxy silhouette and in that department we have no complaints. Just wish the hair was not as teased or had gone all out and worn it even more tousled. Because as is, it only looked like it had lost the battle with humidity and that’s something I know a thing or two about!

Anushka Manchanda Wears Chola To Ensemble Store Launch

Anushka Manchanda At Ensemble Store Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks unwashed … Period
    To be honest , I am a little sick of these ‘will always dress out of the box’ type of dressers (read anushka , kiran rao )who unnecessarily get applauded for dressing up weird and ungainly.
    Neha dhupia on the other hands manages to find the right balance.

  2. Boxy silhouettes are one thing, but this dress (I struggle to call it that) is beyond ridiculous

    I mean seriously?!

    Oversized silhouettes can look good, when done in a balanced way. Where there is one portion that is remotely flattering to the human form. This hear is a bedsheet with a collar, buttons and arm holes.

    Her hair is pretty awful, but honestly that’s the least of her problems.

    The designer should seriously re-think her career

  3. Is that a Ghost? Is that a tent for someone’s sangeet? Of no, wait…. Thats a shabby outfit in the name of fashion. The brand/ designer might have some amazing ideas but this is tragic. Ms. Manchanda didnt have the time or the mood to get ready, I guess. What a waste of an otherwise great dresser like her. Hilarious when I imagine her walking around the room.

  4. She was probably lazing around in bed and then realized she was running oh so late… Which is something I know a thing or two about. Which also explains everything about this look!

  5. This reminds of those huge tube shaped baloons used in events/advertising. A huge fan blows through a tube of open cloth and creates this effect. Topped with that, this is very unflattering.

  6. What a mess of a dress..and you actually liked the “boxy sillouette” as you call it
    An alarming thought comes to mid that your dress closet has a section reserved for haute couture, and there hangs oversized nighties in every fabric, length, color and size. Sigh o sigh :(….


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