A Shoe Story

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I don’t mind a good pair of cuff sandals (say the ones we recently saw on Anushka Sharma) but these two remind me how when worn wrongly or when wearing a wrong pair, the look can come off bad. I quite like Anushka’s sandals (with an edgy dress I’d love em) but I abhor that she paired those stark black ones with a pink dress. Not working.

Nauheed fares a tad bit better (compared with Anushka that is) because she’s got her color scheme right but the frayed edges in addition to the cuff detail were one-detail too many for me. And that is excluding the flower on the head. :P

Care for either or neither?


Anushka Manchanda and Nauheed Cyrusi at MyFavDJ Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I like the dresses but I did not like the concept of teaming them up with that footwear…gross! gladiator flats or pep-toe heels look better with them

  2. Neither.
    anoushka- leahter shoes in scorching heat?nope!
    and those many bangles.nope!

    nauheed- there’s nothing which is eye catching.
    its all same color scheme white peach light gray.

  3. these shoes rarely look good on anyone, if anyone could carry it, it would be anushka, she has long slim legs, she wears them well.

  4. Anushka fares much better than Nauheed. The grey-white combo is too much blah and doesn’t look good against her light skin. Also, Nauheed doesn’t have the height to carry the glads.

  5. I love Anushkas look. It’s totally her. It defines her style. Which is great. I also HATE the white womans look, she can’t dress according to her body type, clearly and those weird shoes look weirder on her. Plus her thunder thighs are pretty revolting too (cover them up?)
    Come on, I cant believe you two liked her style more than Anushka! My two idols let me down. :( Lol. But you’re entitled to your own opinion, ladies.
    Good day.

  6. Totally disagree! Nauheed looks tacky! White on white on white with that hair and the tassles!! Anushka totally rocks it! YOu ladies are very close to losing your readership with these on-off comments!

  7. Anushka IS herself edgy, carries herself with attitude. So i think the look works, The dress isn’t exactly ‘prissy’, at least not on her.
    Nauheed’s dress is so unflattering. Along with the shoes it’s warping her proportions. The flower is the cherry on top of the mess-up. Almost a WTHeyyyyy for me.


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