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Anushka also opted for a Péro sari, but as you can see wore it rather unconventionally, which quite frankly, is just what we expected her to do… After all, one of the reasons we love Ms. Manchanda is for fact that she gives every look bit of rocker twist!

Now, I don’t mind that she wore sari differently but I wish she’d worn a crop top with the look instead of the strapless bustier she had on. But, that’s just me.

What did you think of her screening look? Love or hate it?


Anushka Manchanda
at Angry Indian Goddesses Screening at TIFF 2015

Photo Credit: Zimbio

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  1. Prayer to God: THANK YOU for not making me a Desi model or making me wealthy. I would look like Anushka whoever in the pic above UGHHHHH!!!
    Where is my old Old Navy hoodie and sweats?? ;)(PHEW!!!!)

    • Agreed and that’s because it would have been “someone else”. Fashion critiquing doesn’t work with the “one size fits all” attitude. Some people, just by way of their aura and personality can make even a potato sack work for them. As far as Anushka’s look is concerned, I like her approach but not her execution… Agree with PnP on the crop top… Oh yes, love the neck-piece – absolutely works with the look….

  2. Dear Anushka, please stop trying too too too hard. You are talented and that will get you the attention anyway. Crazy , half worn, ridiculous outfits don’t. These kind of gimmicky appearances make us feel sorry and sad for you.

  3. Gorgeous pink colour, lovely hair & makeup, stunning jewellery but that draping idea ruined everything. Absolutely hideous combination! Girl Anushka you don’t need to wear a saree to get that drapey look or whatever that is.


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