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At a press meet promoting her television show, Anusha was photographed in a Farah Sanjana jumpsuit. With her hair in a half-bun, pair of matching white ankle-strap sandals are all that it took to round out the look. She worked that jumpsuit!

And while there’s no doubt that the TV show host wears the jumpsuit well, we did take issue with the jumpsuit itself. White can be tricky and the fabric makes all the difference. Wish the pocket lining wasn’t so visible, and if that was an intentional design feature, we weren’t fans. Between that and some of the more visible seams, it just made the whole jumpsuit look, for a lack of better word, inexpensive.


Anusha Dandekar At MTV Love School Promotions


Anusha Dandekar At MTV Love School Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. erm lets just say – what theheyyyyyyyyyy is going on here! Y’all have got to be kidding when you say she works it! haha .. wow! “inexpensive alright”

  2. two words that fit the bill here – white trash. Got nothing to do with racism though. Lmao.
    If this is her fashion sense then she and her stylist(assuming she has one- doesn’t appear to be the case here though) should seriously consider changing careers. Maybe she has a completely different talent….. Dig really deep and she may find it.


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