Desi Girls

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The ladies kept it festive in their desi avatars at various Diwali parties… Have a favorite?

L To R: Maheep Kapoor, Prachi Desai And Minissha Lamba

L To R: Mana Shetty, Anu Dewan And Neelam Kothari

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Anu deewan need to lighten up and stop with the grouchy looks..
    Its Diwali.. smile ..
    Here’s wishing a very happy diwali to you Payal and Priyanka..

  2. Anu’s outfit is a little too blingy, but she looks nice. I am not a fan of a gold clutch unless it is with a very simple outfit. The bag adds to all the bling

  3. I like Prachi’s the best – it’s simple and she looks nice in it!

    Everyone else is just bah.

    Okay and I’ve noticed this in every picture with Anu Dewan – she always smiles/just in general her expressions make it look like she’s always smelling something bad while the picture is being taken..her nose and lips are always curled up in the ‘eeww whats that smell’ manner.

  4. Minissha for once wins this round. She looks pretty. Anu Dewan (despite the great wardrobe) always sucks in Indian clothing, her choice of colours in Indian outfits is bad.

  5. prachi wins hands down. this is the kind of outfit i’d wear.

    worst of the lot (and boy is it hard to beat some of the fuglies in this parade) is anu dewan.

    of course, vogue india would disagree with me :)

  6. You guys are being too judgmental on Anu Dewan I’ve seen her in person and she’s beautiful, everyone can’t look good on give her a break . You guys have no taste, her outfit if you take a second glance actually looks the best. Maheep’s outfit looks like a maternity gown the color definitely isn’t for Diwali .. Prachi’s fit is odd.. and Minisha’s outfit looks like it’s a costume from a film set.Mana’s outfit screams Fugly I think she mistook Karva chauth for Diwali . .. I’d say it’s a tie between Anu and Neelam ( she does look Refreshing)

  7. i never thought i’d say (write ) this but i like what prachi is wearing. it’s age-appropriate, simple and elegant. well-played for once!

  8. I would like what Prachi was wearing but it looks incomplete.. maybe the existing dupatta looks too randomly draped thats why.

    Minisha wins this round for me.


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