Anoushka In Verve India: Decoded

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Sitar player Anoushka Shankar features on the April cover of Verve India in a floral Gauri and Nainika gown.

Guess, Nina isn’t the only one who can pull of the Tarun Tahiliani dress as is! ;) Anoushka sure rocks the butterfly dress.

You can read her interview here.


Anoushka Shankar in Verve India, April 2009


Gauri and Nainika, Spring 2009


Anupama Dayal, Spring 2009


Tarun Tahiliani, Spring 2009


Pankaj and Nidhi, Spring 2009

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani
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  1. Beautiful girl, even more beautiful editorial..i love how they styled her

    and I LOVVVVE each one of those dresses..they scream long summer nights!

  2. @jiji: they’re sisters? I didn’t know that! I was actually thinking that she looked petty familiar, too. This spread is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. yes, they are half sisters, which explains the resemblence. i do think she looks fabulous, i am generally not too fond of her looks, but she’s nice here. the clothes are awesome, wish i could own them (that, and carry them off!).

  4. Yay for spring! I live in Southern California, and it just started warming up, so I’m glad to get some inspiration from this post for my spring wardrobe. Anoushka bears a striking resemblance to her half-sister, and she looks lovely throughout the Verve spread. I, for one, am glad to see some unconventional beauties being featured in Indian fashion magazines. I love her curly locks!

  5. i dont think i have ever liked all the dresses featured for a magazine before. This girl somehow pulls off all of them or the stylist must have done a very good job.

  6. Anoushka WEARS all of the above so well…lovely!
    Onto other matters…@ Hate HHC- Care to back up the allegations with facts?
    This is such a great fun site…..take the negativity elsewhere!

  7. Pinkvilla was first to write about it. A credit was duly deserved! So @hhcregular here are the facts. Surely all of you can’t be blind thinking all that is posted her is original but it isn’t!

  8. she looks amazng
    my fave is the anupama dayal dress
    so would love one of thoes

    also @hatehhc – where did that comment come from
    and if you hate the website why are you here
    how ironic

    I (heart) HHC and am totally addicted :)

  9. Dear HateHHC

    Considering the original article has all the designer information, anyone would know who Anoushka was wearing in the shoot.

    Also, its a regular feature on our blog where we decode shoots (in fact, we were the first few desi blogs to)… so, this really isn’t an out-of-the-ordinary inspired feature that we suddenly decided to post about.

    Finally, a lot of our posts end up on pinkvilla too… its unfortunate we don’t have passionate loyalists like you on our side.

    <3 P&P (even if they do censor- not their fault)
    As Zac Efron says, you know when you are truly famous when there are fanclubs (i.e. passionate loyalists) dedicating to hating you ;)

  11. In terms of desi fashion blogs, I dont think there’s any other that’s as neat and organised as this place. Sure PV, might have more pics but if theyre not presented well with punchy commentaries, then its no fun at all ;p

  12. To the lovely P&P:
    I hope you don’t become too disheartened by the nasty words of that rude commenter. You girls are fabulous, and have done a wonderful job of hosting a site where people can discuss desi fashion in a fun and delightfully snarky way. From a legal standpoint, seeing as how these photos are available in the public domain and are not copyrighted, there’s no ownership of the photos by any single entity. So it seems futile for someone to argue that they were copied from another source, given the likelihood that that particular source copied the photos from somewhere else. (My 1st year law classes are finally useful!)
    Anyways, keep doing what you wonderful ladies are doing, and believe me, you have plenty of loyalists to defend you from ignorant and misinformed people. :o)

  13. your passionate loyalist is sitting right here!
    and others too, like i can see.
    and @ HateHHC, what, pray, are you doing here then?

  14. Im a ‘passionate loyalist ‘ too :-), I dont care if these pics are posted elsewhere, the way you present it is really nice,and the headers and punch lines make it worth the read every single day (actually I check in many times a day :))

  15. not a post : btw, how about some non-intrusive ads on this site, im sure it costs you good time and money to run this, and we are more than willing to support..

  16. how gorgeous is that gauri and nainika dress..I want!!!!! and how beautiful does she look!! very impressed with the shoot :)
    p.s. P & P just wanted to tell you how much i love visiting your blog. keep up the great work and don’t pay any heed to the nasties.

  17. I dont think it matters as to who posts the article first . What matters is how well the post is presented . This is not a blog that gives breaking news. This blog has a totally different purpose. So, it doesnt really matter as to whether the pictures are taken from some other blog as long as the content that accompanies it is relevant and original. Love this blog and I am a Passionate Loyalist of this blog too.

  18. Awww I am a passionate loyalist! It’s just that they are some people like ‘Hatehhc” who instead of having fun love to suck the fun out of everything. This blog is mainly about fashion, not “ZOMG Hot Gossip”. As long as we are gonna get plenty of fashion stuff to dissect and give commentory, we’re gonna LOVE IT:D Don’t let any commentator get to you…we are always gonna be hhc fans;)


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