Doing Denim

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Both Anindita and Yami were photographed in denim rompers recently. And wearing their hair down, the ladies finished out the look with sneakers. Who do you think fared better?

P.S: Anindita is wearing Zara and H&M (sneakers). And Yami is in H&M and Adidas (sneakers).

anindita nair at grey goose event and yami gautam at avengers premiere

Left: Anindita Nayar At Grey Goose Event
Right: Yami Gautam At Avengers: Age of Ultron Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Wow, the way Yami fills out that romper! Don’t know if she looks better, but it definitely has me giving a nod to those rare, well-muscled thighs.

  2. Not sure if I’m getting older but the overalls seem atrociously short to me. I do prefer Anindita’s styling with the white top and mint sneakers.

  3. This could’ve been cute look for someone like Alia, or one of the other younger actresses like Shraddha…a bit mutton dressed as lamb for these ladies tho!

  4. hey p&p,
    do you check your e-mail regularly? I have sent you e-mail of few pictures worth posting on this site.But somehow i dont see any :( !reply ??

      • I did id a few of them like rakul’s max is Arden B outfit,samantha’s anarakali(i guess) and shorts are frm ridhi mehra.And 2 lovely kanjeevaram sarees of samantha! I konow nly des stuff.By the way u guys posted many without ID righ? hmm not a good excuse gals!Didn’t expect this frm u!

  5. obviously Yami-

    that god awful awkward ‘1 knee bent’ pose is so passe.. Anindita looks tacky to me… and maybe its the makeup on the legs or light or something.. it seems like she is wearing pantyhose.. tacky


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