Angela on Femina:(Un)Covered

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It’s surprising that we haven’t seen more of the Stella McCartney citrus print but hey, we’ll take our sightings any which way the come. :)

Left: Stella McCartney, Spring 2011
Right: Angela Jonsson on Femina Aug 2011

Photo Credit: Style, Facebook

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  1. Freida pinto in the interview magazine cover and spread is making waves here in america. so tired of seeing these boring covers. please post hers!

  2. The face is horribly photoshopped.. and her lower part looks way too big from the angle it’s been shot… what a waste of such a gorgeous girl.

  3. Oh dear, what happened femina? Nothing about this seems to be working. Such a pity. This is how a stunningly beautiful lady can look like a tart. Sigh.


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