Angela on Harper’s Bazaar:(Un)Covered

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Harper’s gives us our second cover for June featuring a cutout swimsuit (a Chanel) on Angela. They had me at the hot pink. :P

Left: Chanel, Spring 2012
Right:Angela Jonsson on Harper’s Bazaar India June 2012

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  1. Personally I think if your trying to do sexy just go for a bikini, this just looks weird to me. and whats with all the jewelry with swim wear. Its not artistic or sexy.

    • Agreed. But I think they went with it ‘coz it’s supposed to be a watch/bag/jewelry themed issue. Angela looks sufficiently coverworthy here (in my opinion) & the overall look is quite clean and classy. Vogue India needs to take a few notes what with all the overload of text on their covers.

  2. Like the cover better than Vogue but prefer Deepika to Angela. Something is off abt her in the face here…almost doesnt look like her.

  3. Yawwwwn! Somebody needs to hold a seminar/ emergency help session for all the editors of Indian fashion magazines and explain to them the difference between sleazy men’s magazines and well-respected international fashion magazines.


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