An Almost Ditto

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While we like neither version, do you like either?


Left: Anna Singh, ‘Golmaal Returns’ Diwali Bash
Right: Chunkey Pandey, Bombay Times 14th Anniversary Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Anna Singh is looking like an object of ridicule than a designer.
    What in the world , is this damsel trying to prove.All dolled up from top to bottom. The sandals look utterly cheap.LESS IS MORE baby.
    Wheras Chunky’s dress and his penchant for white trousers has been a permanent fixture since his “Aag hi Aag”days. Not even his well dressed wife could make him change that.

  2. first of all those bracelet thingies that they put on their arms is very ugly I saw them almost in every one from Aish to Kajol and now here, they are not designe properly it just a line of big colorful stones around your arm, they need to soften the design of it and make like a piece of a jewelry meant to be wear on the arm, like this it looks like they had a big bracelet that didn’t fit their hand so they just pull it all the way up to their arm to make use of it, if you are reading this and you are the designer of those arm braceltes let me give you a word of advise, trye to flatten the whole bracless, make the stones a little smaller and add a little hanging chain, a very delegate hanging chanin where the bracelet closes and please, make it look like it is made for arm and not just another big ugly bracelet

  3. thanks for the info, and let me tell you the cutest of all of them is shahrukh, gosh he can wear a scankak (don’t mind my spelling I am in mood for spell check) on his head and still look adorable lucky Guari

  4. me ,

    they look like Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings from what I can make out , not that it makes it any nicer or did you mean Michelangelo in a generic “painter turning in his grave sense ”

    from what I have seen anna singh and chunky pandey are “too human for their own good” it would help if they become super human and dress normally for once

  5. yes, they are Raja ravi varma’s paintings
    the one in center of Chunky’s shirt , lady leaning back with krishna behind is radha-madhava
    the one on his sleeve lady sitting is seeta-vanavas
    famous draupadi one on bottom of anna’s kurta etc

  6. Anna Singh should be banned. Her dress sense (if one can call it that) is beyond pathetic. She is frumpy,loud, garish and tacky. No person with “a clued in mind” will wear her clothes.

  7. Anon, I live in Colaba, lost 10 freinds in the massacre, its just said in jest, dont take this blog and your self sooo seriously, life can be fleeting.


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