From Press Meet To Photo Shoot

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We didn’t like this outfit on her the first time perhaps because the make-up though appropriate more for nighttime was very overwhelming with what is a cheery day dress! Much better the second time around, for us at least!


Left:Amrita Rao at IIFA Awards 2009: ‘ShortKut’ Press Meet
Right: Amrita Rao for TOI Photoshoot

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  1. None ! The blush in the second pic looks like someone gave her one tight slap. Plus her face is pretty long why apply so much blush at such a severe angle ! I don’t like the dress either, too much happening color wise

  2. Oh gosh, why so much make-up, I wouldn’t be so caked even for night time events! This gal is really pretty but she needs to learn what suits her, she always looks like she’s drowning either in makeup or long gowns, at least she’s given the gowns a rest, time to bye bye the horrid makeup and go natural:)

  3. is it me , or does she kinda resemble Aishwarya Rai in the 1st pic? i mean, look at the hand-pose, the sidewaya glance, the hair, and the almost ditto lips and smile!

  4. I have a question for all you ladies (or men) .. is there more than one well known “amrita rao’ in Bollywood? Because everytime I see a picture of this ‘Amrita Rao’ she always looks different! Is it just that her look isn’t very distinctive? Or does she change her look often? What is it? Her body shape/ face shape/ FACE itself all seem to change with each’s weird.

    Like even in the 2 pictures above, I thought it was two different women till I read the caption.

  5. Okay she’s really trying hard to be glamourous and change her image. Some people just stick to less is more philosophy. Amirta Rao being one of those people. Such a pretty girl though. I love her hair in the left picture, but the make up is too sharp….

  6. OMG I thought the same, she looks like ash in the first pic, even the puffy face and teeth!! freeky!!

    I like the photoshoot pic, and the dress is nice and girly!

  7. Yes Priya,I second that.This pose ,makeup,Hair everything very Aishwarya type…. probably the picture is photoshopped to make her look like her..wonder why.BTW dress is bad, very export surplus type.

  8. Priya, totally – that’s the first thought I had too.
    She looks like a younger version of Ash.
    The make-up might not be great, but Amrita is a classic Indian beauty.

  9. The same expression ALL the time, whether events or photoshoots.

    Actors should only be doing photoshoots if
    1)there doing it for a film
    2)too if there exceptionally talented in the field of modeling

    Otherwise please stick to what you know, urban India is not so naive anymore

  10. Love the top part of the dress, looks likea vibrant painting. Glad they took the make-up off in the second pic. I wish she were just more “herself”. I always feel like she is trying to impress or portray an image.

  11. she looks hot in the first pic and cute in the second one!
    @sp yeah, you are right, you guys are always critical of her… sometimes I think a little too prejudice!


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