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We’ve already decoded Aisha, Aarti, and Pinky (Sonam, Lisa and Ira’s characters). Let’s turn our attention to Shefali, shall we? At first, it kinda seemed that the character and Amrita (who plays Shefali) got a raw deal while the other ladies play dress up.

Turns out, we shouldn’t feel so bad because Shefali gets to wear a whole lot of Anamika Khannas in the movie. We were jealous of the others before but now are more jealous of Amrita. :P

P.S. Amrita’s character also carries a Dior Diorita tote in a different color. You’ll remember seeing a yellow one in Aisha’s closet here.


Amrita Puri in Aisha with Dior Diorita Bag

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Love, love, love the first outfit and even the 2nd one is really nice . The hair is the first snap is a downer but in the 2nd one.. lovely.. she looks so fresh :)

  2. Can’t wait to see all the fashion eye candy in the movie. I don’t want to sound too patronising, but Go Kapoor Girls! For giving us India’s first Clueless :p

  3. I was wondering y this late post?coz the these pics are out a for a while back and am eagerly waiting to watch the movie………

  4. love both the looks. can’t wait for this movie….it’s going to be such a treat to the eyes..!
    the Dior really goes with the edgy Indian attire.

  5. Love the second one. Of whatever i have seen of the movie , this girl will surely out do others in acting. Her subtle expressions, so far look awesome.

  6. The second outfit is fabulous, the first one looks drab and insipid (which is the vibe I think they were going for)

  7. Why does this seem more like a remake of Clueless than a creative adaption of Emma?
    …Actually, the more honest question to ask would be ‘why does this seem like an offshoot of Sex In The City?
    I LOVE fashion. A lot, but it should have nothing to do with the plot of this movie, and I hope it doesn’t.


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