Ready To Kajra Re

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Poor AB Sr. His luggage was lost while travelling to Toronto and so he has been having to wear the same stuff for two days now.

But, it was surprising that he was wearing his same old look from “Bunty Aur Babli” when he arrived in Toronto. Was it because he didn’t want to miss out on performing “Kajra Re” with the family? ;)

P.S. Is it me or isn’t the whole scarf look totally borrowed from “Coolie”!

bunty_aur_babli.jpg amitabh_unforgettable.jpg


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  1. those scarves worked before…coz well they were both for a movie, and they enhanced his character or were simply there to create a ‘realistic’ look.

    Right now…it just seem like he wants to go back to his younger days…or re-live the magic or whatever. first it was that hideous jeans with the ZIPPER on the THIGH…and now this.

    omg do u guys remember the floral shirts display some time back? ach!

  2. poor amitabh looks scruffy here. i hope he recovers his luggage soon. he only looks good in classic suits. i can’t imagine what he’s going to wear on stage.

  3. Behenjiyon – yeh scarf nahin gamchha hai – and about time some Indian designer gets inspired to create gamchha-like scarves.


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