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Aww, we wish Ameesha a speedy recovery but do wish she wore pants unless she was playing at some major “irony” by wearing a bandage dress. Somehow, we doubt that. :p

Not a look we like. And those shoes are just an eye-sore.


Left And Centre: Ameesha Patel At Pinky Roshan’s Birthday Bash
Right: Lady Dior Bag

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Amisha’s done this SAME look before.. it was a different black dress with the similar ugly shoes and an orange Birkin.
    I love orange and I love black but together they look bad and remind me of Halloween!! hahaha

  2. Dear Ameesha,
    I am sure those shoes cost more than my entire wardrobe, but they are tacky. Please burn them ASAP. If you can’t I will happily do it for you. I would rather see you in a $2 pair of flp-flops than those ugly things again. Thanks!

  3. this is the worst she has ever looked. The least she could have done is to have washed her out of shape hair, and thank you for not posting the back of this dress.

  4. Couldnt agree more. The pants wouldve done her some good. You know, i reeally dont think she has a fab body to carry off this short dress. For her height, she shouldve made better choices, either in the dress or in the shoes. The bag and the shoes is a mismatch… takes me back to the retro age for some reason.


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