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Any other day, we’d be picking on that strapless lamé blouse on Ameesha. Not today, though! We’ve got a bone to pick with someone else. A huge one, in fact! See inside!

Ameesha Patel At The Bhagnani-Deshmukh Wedding Reception

If the sari (if that is what it is!) wasn’t bad enough, the styling was even worse! WTHeyyy!

Monikangana Dutta At The Bhagnani-Deshmukh Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Hahahaha! Amisha looks so much better comparatively. I couldn’t even recognize Monikangana. What did she do to her face? And that jewelry just doesn’t go with the dress. And the hair! OMG the hair!? whoa

  2. omg!!where do i even start..horrible tacky color, excessive skin show, bad make up & she auditioning for the sequel of dirty picture since ekta kapoor was there?? seriously enough money can never buy class & elegance.

  3. isnt she supposed to be a model? what kind of model poses like that ??? Ameesha i am sorry to say your crown for being the most tackiest actress ( even though u have a collection of Birkins) has gone over to Monikangana!Come on Ameesha snatch it back by wearing something double WTHeyy heyy

  4. when will ameesha stop this one boob show.

    with a proper blouse her attire would have been atleast ok, and with a different hairstyle (like a braid with flowers) & some jewellery like bangles to add some bling to the otherwise plain reception look.

  5. OMG, Monikangana, what were you thinking?? If a friend or stylist let you out of the house looking like that, well then it’s time to end the friendship and fire the stylist!
    Ameesha fares better in comparison, but a bandeau blouse with a sari? Pls!, Ugh! Just wear a bikini instead, and ditch the sari all together!!

  6. WT freakin Heyyyy!!! Lol this has made me laugh so much that I actually feel bad for the bechari! She must’ve thought she looked good!

  7. This goes down OFFICIALLY as the day Ameesha Patel looked good in a face off!!!!
    Mark it people. We may never see such a day ever again.

    Mon’s waist is looking sooo athletic and unfeminine… I dont know whats going on there. I think that is the biggest problem with her look — unfeminine!!!

    (And I can’t believe Im saying this, but Im actually digging AP’s saree!!!)

    sigh….I’m just going to go lie down on the couch and let this one pass…..


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