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These ladies chose two very different saris to wear and while both looked good, it was Amala’s kalamkari sari that we gravitated to. Sure Shriya’s was more event appropriate but the heart wants, what the heart wants! :p

Amala (Left) And Shriya Saran At Sneha Reddy And Allu Arjun’s Sangeet

Photo Credit: Idlebrain, Ragalahari

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    • These Kalamkari block print sarees are hand made in villages in A.P. and are usually printed on Mangalgiri handlooms. Can buy it from any handloom saree shop.

      • This kind is not block print. Its hand painted, more time consuming, more arty and more expensive. and then appliqued onto mangalagiri or any other fabric. You can’t find them in all handloom shops like you would fine block print kalamkari.

  1. Ah, the clothes aside, there is something about Amala that doesn’t let you go for anyone else in comparison.

    *runs to Youtube to watch 16 yr old Amala in the Kalakshetra documentary*

    • Oh yes, loved all those Kalakshetra documentaries. She is carrying on the tradition rather well, even though I wish she would get back to Bharatanatyam.

  2. gawd shriya is so annoyin what with her “ooh deer caught in the headlite” looks n same ole sari draped the same, same ole blouse. like do u ever not get bored?

  3. stunning, stunning saree, Amala’s! wish the blouse was just green tho. yes, pl ID the store/designer! have never seen a saree like this one

  4. I love that Kalamkari saree, where can you find something like this? Shriyas looks pretty too, though I wish she’d ditch the blouse.

    • Kalamkari sarees, Pochampalli sarees, Gadwal sarees, Venkatgiri sarees, Mangalagiri cotton, Guntur handlooms from Andhra pradesh come in silk, silk cotton mix and cotton with silk borders. You can also buy them online.

      • or APCO and lepakshi the AP govt. handloom and handicraft stores have them directly from the weavers they have branches in kolkata, delhi, hyd, chennai, blore etc

  5. why draping a saree traditionally and not doing a boob-show is “unappropriate” for a wedding sangeet?? huh P&P ?

      • keeping it simple has been Amala’s style !
        Nice saree! it can be that she designed it herself … those Kalamkari patches are available in shops … normally they are stitched on the pallu … for her saree, it’s the shoulder …looks nice !

  6. Love Amala’s saree!! I just bought a Kalamkari myself over the weekend… so like it even more now!!

    And Amala is elegance personified. So humble and dignified!

  7. Amala’s style is very elegant and minimalistic. I have followed it for years, and she is always in handloom cottons and ahimsa silks. And is a sight for sore eyes in the land of bling.
    Her animal rescue work is so inspiring.

  8. Amla’s saree is gorgeous. Love how she wore it in such a nonchalant style. Amla does not get in the media so much these days and it is wonderful to see her look so pretty!

  9. Amala looks understated and elegant as always! both she and her husband Nagarjuna are good dressers.
    You can buy Kalamkari saree all over Hyderabad.
    Here is what i found abt regional traditional sarees:

    Andhra Pradesh – Pochampalli, Venkatagiri, Kalamkari
    Gujarat – Rajkot, Bandhini, mirror work, Patola, Gurjati Block Print
    Karnataka – Kasuti embroidery, Dharwad, Mysore crepe, Ilkal, Mankaala mooru, mysore silk
    Madhya Pradesh – Tassar, Chanderi, Maheshwari
    Maharashtra – Narayanpethi, Jijamata, puneri, Paithani, Sindhi embroidery
    Orissa – Sambalpuri, kotki
    Rajasthan – Kota, Sanganeer block print, Bandhej
    Tamil Nadu – Kanjeevaram silk, Kanjeevaram thread work in cotton, Coimbatore cotton, Salem cotton silk, Dharmavaram
    West Bengal – Baluchari, bengal cotton, tangail, dhakai (well,actually from Dhaka).

    • Thanks for the info Sri. unfortunately many of these weaves are dying due to lack of patronage as the younger people look on them as too arty or unfashionable, also the total lack of marketing at the govt. emporia adds to this.
      it is good to see designers like sabyasachi and asmita marwa revive these and give them a updated look but sadly the price tags on these “designer” sarees will put off buyers and these type of sarees will not percolate to the mass market as a blingy chiffon will (no offence against them) since its impossible to replicate these saris as the skills of the traditional weavers are required to do so.
      the best places to buy these at good prices are at the respective state handloom and handicraft stores such as apco, cooptex, gurjari, mrignayani etc and also look out for all india handloom exhibitions which happen in all big cities in india at regular intervals, these are the best venues to see and pick great pieces from all over the country at cooperative pricing.
      some places I have seen great exhibitions at are:
      the community hall on cp ramaswamy rd in chennai ( if i remember correctly)
      karnataka chitrakala parishath and palace grounds in bangalore
      ttd kalyana mantapam himayath nagar in hyderabad
      the local papers will everyday have listings

      ps: sorry p&p for a long comment but i think this kind of info is not easily available to people especially from abroad

  10. Im not sure if its Asmita Marwah…maybe. But moms always talking about a designer in hyderabad who specializes in kalamkari…dresses, tunics, sarees…maybe its her??

  11. amala is beautiful as always….but not a fan of the saree…looks more like a style older people would wear….

    shriya is SOOO annoying arghhhhh seriouslyyy wth is that saree and that makeup….and that LIPSTICK colour she always wears is so ugly uhhhhh someone get her a stylist pleaseeeeeeeeee


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