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Alka Yagnik has got to get it right one of these days… she can’t forever go over-board with prints or be at the other extreme of matchy-matchy! Can she?

At Gorgeous Skin Care Launch
At Rehana Ghai’s Birthday Bash


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  1. talk about matching! she like completely disappears in the pic on the right…even her complexion is matching the color of the salwar..(oh yes, the camera flashes didn’t forgive her but still…wow) if she hadn’t worn that maroon lipstick on the pic on the right….she wud have been a walking ghost…

    hmm, did she forget the dupatta for the left one? she can do so much better if she leaves one of the accessories home…that chunky jewellery, big rings, matchy bag…something has to go!

  2. Alka Yagnik’s fashion sense is stuck in the 90s. She wears very purane andaaz type of salwars… not that there’s anything wrong if she likes that! She’s such a cute face; stick to Indian outfits (her body type isn’t suited for othervise) but come on, pick some new designs for a change.

  3. Maybe Alka needz to go!is she dressed for a clown contest…eekssss!the hair,lipcolor,outfits,jewellery are all a big”NO! everything is a mess n so dated!huh wat an disaster …LOL@ALKA!

  4. I don’t like the sandals they look lumpy and ugly – a bit of styling advice wouldn’t go amiss here – she could look lovely and elegant if she ditched the blood red lippie – toned down the charlies angel side flik hair thing (decent hair cut) and stuck to shapes and lengths that suited her.

  5. Picture on the left is a case in point for why the Anarkali is inherently unflattering for non-skinny women. The anarkali and the skinny jeans must go… now, please.

  6. If they ever make a movie version of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Alka Yagnik should play the Queen of Hearts. Google the character’s photos and you’ll see what I mean.

  7. ugh the first dress is like… TERRIBLE!!! no co-ordnation at all! its like.. 1> short-tee 2) a skirt 3) Churidar… like she just picked em up in a hurry and didnt bother bout the colors


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