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For her two recent appearances, Alia picked a fresh off-the-runway Sabyasachi dress and an Anita Dongre suit to wear.

The Sabyasachi dress would’ve made for a perfect ‘DeBo’ moment but for those shoes; the clunky red platform sandals were much too jarring with the dress. If it was height that she needed to make the dress work, wish she had chosen a different pair of sandals, ones that didn’t bring in so much of a contrast. Ankle-up, had no complaints; the dress worked well on her! As for the look in Anita Dongre, there wasn’t much to fault there.

Alia Bhatt At Kalank Promotions

Alia Bhatt At Kalank Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The earrings and shoes in the Sabyaschi do not work. As for the Anita Dongre the low neck and camisole top does not favor her. After the all the Alia fatigue the “I am too perfect” pose is too much to handle. She should take a chill pill and pose naturally as in the Sabyasachi.

    • “I am too perfect pose”?…I don’t knw about others but clothes I wear sometimes make me feel a certain way – confident, playful – and some bring out the attitude? And wat is wrong with that?…isn’t that the fun of dressing up?…she isn’t always like that as you can see in the sabyasachi…maybe others need to take a chill pill while commenting

  2. Love the Sabya dress…but why did you have to ruin it with those shoes, Alia? Yuck! The Dongre outfit is beautiful..simple and classy.

  3. Let’s all observe a moment of silence for Alia’s ears. And she’s obviously on some in character looks bandwagon so…meh!

  4. Is she sucking in her cheeks like Kareena?? Oh God no..between Deepika’s style and Kareena’s posing, she has lost her identity.

  5. I can’t wait for this movie to be released so that we can get a break from all these Alia sightings. It looks like she wants Deepika’s styling, makeup height and earrings, Kareena’s pout, Kajol/Juhi’s footwear and dance moves like Madhuri. KJo and team are really going overboard with her…they all need to chill out. Let her be her original self.

  6. I love the Sabya dress, it has a boho, playful vibe to it but what got into her to pair it with that jarring red shoes? The danglers actually look good with that dress. On an aside, I completely loved Sabya’s new Kashgar Bazaar collection, its so bohemian and breathtaking.


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