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For the Awards Night, Alia picked a Shehlaa by Shehla Khan gown. Wish she had done something more with her look than the easy hair and soft make-up. Not that it looks bad, it’s just that we are still waiting for the wow-she-has-arrived-jaw-drop look from her!

P.S: Sonam wore a version of this dress on the show India’s Most Desirable back in 2011. And she killed it! We like(d). Look inside.


Alia Bhatt At Stardust Awards 2013


Sonam Kapoor On India’s Most Desirable

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Usually “killed it” to me means screwed up. I say “nailed it” when its perfect. lol…just an observation.
    Anyways, i prefer the dress on Alia than on sonam. On Alia the colour and the whole look is elegant and soft. On sonam, its vampy and i am not a fan of the cleavage show going on.

  2. I agree with kasthuri . Aalia is looking gorgeous… Sonams dress sleeves are ugliest..And i dont like that spidey web design..
    Also i was confused by “killed it”

  3. Alia’s makeup looks very washed out..almost like she woke up in her nightie and came straight here.. Needs do be a lot more brighter for a red carpet event.. Also why isnt Sonam present at any of the awards?

  4. Alia looks boring. She just picked a dress off the hanger and wore it. No effort whatsoever. Sonam nailed it! From her hair to makeup.
    Although I prefer Alia in long dresses than those almost cover the butt and pumps look!

  5. Aalia Bhatt doesn’t have the mature look and unfortunately can’t pull off the evening gown look.

    She needs to dress appropriately for her age I guess, for now she should wear short lenghts with those alasbands like she wore in the “disco deewane” song. She can also take some pointers from the cast in Gossip Girl, lol

  6. sonam is anyday one f d biggest fashion icon in d country!
    shoudnt be compared wid a newbee like alia :P
    though alia finally seems to step out f her SOTY character!!

  7. sonam kapoor is anyday one f d biggest fashion icon d country has!! she shoudnt be compared with a newbee like alia :P
    though finally alia seems to step out f her SOTY character ;)


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