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Alia attended the Maharashtra Achievers’ Awards wearing separates from Safiyaa. She looked good.

Alia Bhatt

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks good, but the look is very under-accessorized. A cuff or a watch or a ring – it needed something. As is it looks incomplete.

  2. Why is everyone after this Pink and Orange combination these days? It is hideous . Even Rani had a similar outing today, I think.

  3. The outfit is nowhere close to “achiever like”. She looks like she has dressed up for a photo shoot not attending an award ceremony celebrating achievers.

  4. Is this material neoprene? It looks like it and if it is, I want to share that I was taken aback the first time I touched a neoprene garment by a big label in the store. It was hideous and rubbery and the thought of any iota of sweat (or me) in it made me cringe. Has anyone outside bollywood attempted wearing it?The fit of the top and pants makes it look like neoprene.
    The look is not right for the event, as others point out. I really think she is trying to dress “sexily” now that she is older. BUT, if you don’t have the body or face to look older/diva-like, why fix what wasn’t broken?

      • Neoprone is a horrible material but does hold structure well. I can’t imagine wearing it in a hot country, as it would be seriously uncomfortable, let alone the sweat!! Urghhhhh……

        I am always amazed that high end designers use cheap materials (lots of polyester) for their clothes and then think its OK to charge a small fortune!! At least use decent and natural materials!

  5. I am noticing that P&P are biased on Alia. Almost all the posts on her say..she looks great or she looks lovely or drawstring is a distraction but nevertheless she looked sweet! All of her looks have been pretty boring, her face not matching the attitude dress needs, not to mention repeat styles and copying Deepika. She doesn’t have any individualistic style and this sexy but sweet is not working.

    P&P should call out a spade, a spade for all alike. Why this favoritism for Alia?

    • Everyone interprets fashion differently. Your option does not have to be universal. If you dislike it, so be it. But why do you have to force the bloggers to dislike it as well? I find this outfit chic. People have different likes and dislikes and THAT’S OK!


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