Alia on Bazaar Bride:(Un)Covered

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Before it even hit the runway, Monisha Jaising‘s sequin gown was scooped up by Bazaar Bride for their September cover which features Alia in a head to toe burgundy look. Barring the random placement of the Gucci Dionysus bag, must admit, she looked good!


Left:Monisha Jaising, Winter/Festive 2015
Right: Alia Bhatt on Bazaar Bride Sep 2015

Photographer: Prasad Naik
Styling: Mohit Rai and Ayesha Amin Nigam

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  1. Interesting blend of alta paint on the hands and classic retro styling. I like the styling but she looks a little overwhelmed and underaged for it- comes across as a kid playing dress up (which is most of the times).

  2. I did not like how the dress has been all ruched up to resemble a short cocktail dress. It kills the original design. Also hate the big necklace and the matchy pumps.
    I want to see someone wear this beautiful dress to a red carpet, with understated thin black strappy sandals and minimal jewelry.

  3. Not really impressed. This look doesn’t do it for her. Shes too young and doesn’t have that kind of sultry air anyway. I like her fresher, hipper looks better.

  4. The look doesn’t suit her unfortunately.
    Some people (read: Emma Stone/Blake Lively/Taylor Swift ) have some kinda quality, to pull off looks way beyond their age. Maybe in a few years, we’d be able to digest this :)


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