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Over the weekend, Alia and Karisma were spotted wearing Sabyasachi with the former wearing a string strap kurta and velvet salwar and the latter a sequin striped sari.

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Alia at Kolkata International Film Festival

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  1. Alia Bhatt going for a severe look to come across classic didn’t work for me. Something seems amiss!
    Karisma in the other hand, lacks nothing. She oozes classic done right!

    • Exactly!! I wanted to write this but refrained thinking maybe I’m overthinking the look. I should love it and I want to love it but something I can’t explain is making me not even like it. I love the colour and material, I love the strap and the almost Italian, classic chic-meets-severe feel of it but it just doesn’t come together for me and feels a bit contrived.

  2. Is this Alia chick aping Deepika’s style? That Vogue photo shoot and even some recent award function, it seemed like her styling team was aiming for Padukone’s siren like look. KJo and gang are really trying hard to convert this puppy faced kid (this is a compliment not a derogatory remark, in case someone is ultra sensitive) into a bombshell, which unfortunaly is not working out.

    Ms. Kapoor, as usual, looks very nice and graceful. Wears the saree well.

  3. Nothing novel about the saree look. It’s the typical way saree is worn in TN AP and Telangana. The ladies wear it with much ease and poise.


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