Alia on Marie Claire: (Un)Covered

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From what we hear, Marie Claire isn’t going anywhere and that makes us happy for sure. Also making us happy, the Aug cover featuring Alia in Just Cavalli. Loving those Tod’s booties, specially.

Catch more of her shoot here.


Left: Alia Bhatt

Photo Credit: Twitter, Style

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  1. Either they put the wrong girl’s name on the cover or they Photoshopped the bejesus out of Alia Bhatt. That’s not remotely like her face!
    Love the boots!

  2. and now everyone will be up-in-arms about photoshop distorting her face. i had struggle finding ‘alie bhat’ on that cover page.

  3. In first pic in red dress she is looking like the young version of pooja bhatt..she is looking good in that knitted (kinda) is hard to identify her in that cover page..she is looking just so different…although good but i still feel there was a desperate attempt to make her loook older then her age and

  4. SO aside from the fact that they morphed the heck outta her face….I love the cover. Love the dress, I want Alia (if that is her and even if it isn’t her) to dress this way always…so young n fresh..
    PS: if this is really alia bhatt, it might’ve been better had marie claire said their g’byes and left the scene…c’z this remotely isn’t something u want to continue seeing on a mag cover.

  5. i am a great fan of her but in this she does’nt look like her. who in this wide world made the most cutest girl of this wide world like ayisha takia?

  6. am i the only one who was able to recognize alia bhatt? its just that she normally doesn’t smile this way.

    also i really dislike this outfit! Its like dorothy-from-kansas-ish….especially because the shoes look as if she had worn socks under her sandals.

    • yeah..i can recognize her too…i don’t think she look like Ayesha Takia in any of the picture.i think i kinda like her here..she looked good!


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