In Character

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Not to leave the ladies behind, men have also jumped in on the “In Character” bandwagon but seems to us like the same stylist was involved behind these three leading men. How else can we explain the flamboyant floral aspect! :P

Left and Center: Akshay Kumar
Right: Bobby Deol

Sunny and Bobby Deol

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Please release soon, movies, whichever ones you are, and spare our poor eyes prolonged exposure to this c$%p.
    Do publicists feel making the stars dress like this is going to make us want to run to watch the movie in droves, 1st day 1st show? I for one, would run the other way.

  2. haiye…mera akki! *dreamy*

    him wearing that because that’s his character is still much better than people like Queenie or something who are tryhardy in real life. lol


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