From Runway To Photoshoot

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Prashant Verma‘s dramatic finale piece (from the Bhagavad collection) has made its way onto Aishwarya Rai for a Verve photoshoot.

On Bhavna, the gorgeous stone embellished cape looked amazing enough. Can’t wait to see how it looks in the photoshoot on Ash!

Left: Prashant Verma Spring 2011
Right: Photographer Mike Ruiz With Aishwarya Rai at Verve Photoshoot

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. She looks like any white catalogue model. when will we indians get it, theres other kinds of beautiful than just white skin blue eyes; looking caucasian.

  2. This is the best she hs looked in a long time….HEAVENLY..!!
    loveeeee…luvvvv…luvvv her makeup..
    n why is this discussion abt fair skin – dark skin…n indians obsession abt fair skin..? Sonali Bendre is not fair skinned…she is wheatish…looks divine…because her features r so great…she def dsn’t hv caucasian complexion nor does she possess light eyes…
    If we like Ash its not because she has caucasian complexion or blue/green eyes…we call her beautiful because she has a great symmetrey in her face n has awesome facial features…

    • I agree, there are so many people with a fair complexion and blue/green eyes… that does not make them automatically beautiful. We have had many such people in the Bollywood industry besides Ash with light skin and blue eyes and they did not garner as much attention as Ash did for her beauty. It has everything to do with her bone structure :) and close to nothing to do with her complexion.

  3. looks very different from her REAL-SELF

    face shape changed,skin whitened,eyes enchanced…yes i can hear you people …right every celeb is photoshopped but no one has been photoshopped to this extent that she looks so different from the real aishwarya so no comment …as it is computer generated unlike reality

  4. well well is this chiseled damsel the same as the one in the blue net saree we saw just the other day?? haha
    and mike ruiz looks more indian than ash here. thats kind of sad. once upon a time she looked like a beautiful south indian girl. almost impossible to find even the faintest traces of that now. heck she doesnt even look indian any more, with that fugly brown hair color poured on her head every day.
    na i dont like this photoshoot. she doesn’t look bad by any means, but there’s nothing striking about her any more. she looks too ‘worked on’, if you know what i mean.

    • Ash looks fab? Really? I don’t see Ash in the picture. Oh! You must mean the “photoshopper’s” version of what Ash would/should/could look like. Sheesh! Seriously1 With this amount of photoshop-ing,the image could be of Rakhi Sawant and we wouldn’t notice the difference.

  5. Aish looks better than she has in ages…. Rather, better than she “naturally” has looked in ages….
    Its one thing to photoshop a pic for hiding dark circles and unsightly bulges, to upload a better FB pic.. another thing to alter to face shape of a woman who is already stunning. wot a waste!!!!


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