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Aishwarya attended the Lalkaar concert wearing a Rohit Bal long jacket with a suede-ish top, black skinny denims and platform sandals. I don’t mind that she wore the jacket differently but this combo was dreadful!

Aishwarya Rai

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  1. I know what will follow:
    Bad combination, length of the jacket, old flat hair and that jarring red lip.
    Just another sighting. Let it pass.
    BLEH!! that’s only I am left with for Aishwarya now.

  2. Oh dear god ! What ? Why? Have to jacket is quite nice but the way pooling is bad . And it’s so wrong with jeans and and the silver top . Awful. Bizarre

  3. The lady seems to be having some sort of fashion crisis. Even regular folks who don’t have access to resources like Ash dress really well. So, not sure what’s her excuse.

  4. First, she should be commended for choosing her own outfit and even sporting it to an event. Something a lot (read almost all) of celebrities lack ! It’s her personal style and I like seeing that. The jacket was not meant for this look. Skipping it would have taken the look up some notches.

  5. OMG Aishwarya – whatever the L’Oreal folks are paying you, it’s not worth it – that lipstick color is just awful! L’Oreal – you hire one of the most beautiful women in the world and can’t come up with more shades for her to wear, a more varied marketing strategy? Really?!?

    • not sure if you know how brand contracts work but she isn’t compelled to wear L’Oreal all day every day! as per contracts, celebrities are dressed for brand appearances and events. That said, all the make up in the world can’t save her when she chooses to style herself!

  6. Ok now I almost want to give credit to Aishwarya’s stylists. If this is what she wears without them then I can appreciate what they’re dealing with. As badly styled as her clothes may be, she’s better off with the styling than without it.

  7. Not sure about all of you. I dont mind what she is wearing. Yes its not the best, but its alright!! Its okay to wear alright clothes once in a while.
    This is her style and choice and she seems to be okay with it.

  8. Even a pure white cami would have helped no?
    How bout a pure white pantsuit i.e. top and bottom with that jacket.
    Now I’m no stylist but someone with a very limited idea of fashion and I know that the silver and white with black she has worn don’t go together.
    She is making a point y’all..trolling us for caring about her fashion choices when she herself doesnt. It is like failing out of a class on purpose so she isn’t featured on this blog anymore.

  9. Whatever this Lalkaar concert is, she is making it pretty clear from her face, body language and dressing that she would rather be anywhere else but there. She looks totally checked out from whatever it is she is supposed to be doing. The red lip is long ago ceased being flattering and everything else is just a plain mess.

  10. The look is bad alright … But is this the first time in these pages that someone has POSED with their hands crossed? It looks just soooo awkward..

  11. Aishwarya!! Try to follow this blog, am sure your fashion sense will change!

    I dont think a stylist does this, she might have choose the combo.

    And boy money cant buy class

  12. I don’t understand…! I am not a fashionista, but even a commoner like me can tell, this is rediculous
    why pair such a jacket with a top and pants like that??? They are of two different worlds.

    Even her face can’t save the outfit. It’s was getting boring … then disappointing… then no body cares to now frustrating;,, seeing her in all these clothes

  13. Ye Kya haal bana rakha hay.. kuch letay kyon nahin!
    Perhaps a new stylist and some non red lipstick will cure this case of babe with no taste.


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