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Aishwarya helped inaugurate an exhibition in Doha on Wednesday and was seen wearing a Manish Malhotra sharara. Yes, it may have felt bridal, but boy oh boy, did she look good in it. Le sigh!

Aishwarya Rai

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  1. Gorgeous she looks… love the top row middle pic, with her hair blown away! I have seen most celebs dressing up festive at Dubai and Saudi events. BTW this seemed an AJSK to me at first.

  2. P&P, love your blog, but surely you are not serious about liking this! The only bright spot is the lack of the ubiquitous bright red lip. The garish shade of red, the overly worked top and dupatta lacks elegance. And what is that stuff tacked on to the bottom portion of the skirt? No correlation with the rest of the outfit. She can do so, so much better.

  3. She looks stunning and event appropriate considering where and what she is promoting. Love MM after ages or maybe just the way ARB looks in it.

  4. Ash looks better this time because-
    1. No red lips
    2. Sharara is slightly more structured than anarkalis which she sports most times
    3. Hair cut is fresh with neat layers.

  5. Aishwarya, please read HHC – your fans (and non-fans) are willing to settle for a gaudy, red outfit as long as you leave the garish red lipstick. L’Oreal, please make note too.

  6. This is good? Like you-wear-fugly-clothes-most-of-the-time-now-so-this-is-an-improvement sort of ‘good’? This is clearly very dated. The red, the embroidery and the bad sharara all venture into the very dated territory.
    But I get it. Our standards for her have fallen so low, we are just grateful for a lip that isn’t red. The top row middle pic strikes me as weird, her usually perfect cheekbones look almost *grasp* artificial.

  7. its not just lack of the red lips, its professional make up. What I don’t understand is how despite being an international model, why has she not learnt how to do her own make up or even assess it? She looks awful in her India outings, and its all down to the make up. THis look is not “less make up”, its good make up, there is a difference.


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