In Elie Saab

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Months ago, we saw Aishwarya wear an Elie Saab from the same Spring 2010 collection and she looked amazing. Can’t say the same about this appearance of hers.

The whole gown falls so flat on her all thanks to the hair. This look could’ve used an updo or even soft curls. Anything but the plain straight hair.

Left: Elie Saab, Spring 2010
Right: Aishwarya Rai at Hello Hall Of Fame Awards 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. that orange hair is clashing with the blue of the outfit.

    she looks drained and tired. looks like payal isnt the only one who needs some sleep.

  2. I love this Saab dress. Such a stunning colour. On Aish though, not so much. Usually I love mehndi adorned hands but here – her hands+clutch look like they belong on a different look altogether.

  3. She looks really elegant .. Her dress is lovely , make up and hair too.. Just simple and beautiful..

    I’ve seen that comments are particularly vicious when it comes to Ash postings.. It’s almost like some commenters are so enraged by her for no reason that this forum is just the right excuse for them bash her with all might and strength.. :)

      • well they do the same to freida pinto// so ash shouldnt feel alone.. infact freida gets it worse and shes any day more stylish than come to think of it..the bashing has very little to do with what they wear..maybe its just somethng personal people have aganist them being so successful.

  4. hate the clutch …. but i am liking everything else …. its a simple look, nothing jazzy, flashy …. and thats what works for it ….. its a simple gown in a gorgeous colour that looks good on ash … not everything needs to have a wow factor ….


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