Well Suited?

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While at a recent calendar launch, Aishwarya was photographed in a green suit. Wearing the separates with a pair of black sandals, the actor rounded out the look with her signature red lip and Chanel jewelry.

The striking red lip looked a tad jarring with the shade of green. Had she opted for a softer lip color and worn her hair differently, the slouchy pantsuit would’ve stood a chance, but as is, I wasn’t blown away by the look.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Very aunty-ji types. Looks like dhe walked right out of a kitty party!
    For a second i thought it was a patiala with a collared kurti
    Ms Rai can do sooooooo much better

  2. This is not slouchy, this is dowdy. Also, I am convinced that she has tattooed her lips red. That way it’s convenient for her and can be snapped by the paparazzi at any given time of the day or night and yet not violate any agreement clause with L’Oréal.

  3. The outfit is badly stitched and finished, it is ill-fitted and it doesn’t in any way add anything to or complement Aishwarya’s personality. The hair and make up are disconnected, as they most always are. She looks uncomfortable with what to do with the over-sized sleeves as that is clearly not her style.

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall for when Aishwarya gives briefs to her stylists on what she wants to wear. What makes her hire a certain person to dress her up? What is the stylist really thinking while putting together this look (or lack of it)? In fact, is there a stylist involved at all? If there isn’t one then it should be even easier to wear something nice and step out as most of us do in high-street clothes – denims, printed dresses, cotton suits, anything.

    Omg, too many questions puzzling the aesthetic cells in my brain.

  4. Its high time she should hire a stylist. I would be more than happy to be her stylist and get her out of this mess. and also explore other shades of lipsticks from Loreal

  5. What on earth is that she is wearing? Aishwarya is hitting new fashion lows everyday, she seriously needs friends. That garish orangish red lipstick has been tattooed on her lips so she can’t help that, but maybe choose better clothes? Le Sigh!!

  6. I don’t mind Ash’s same old same old open hair and red lip because hey if thats her style then she can go on with it. But what gets me is when something like this one here happens – when they don’t complement the entire look . Then it becomes a fashion disaster. She has a very traditional aesthetic that makes it look like this was put together by her team at the last minute. Hell I think it actually belongs to a tall and stout person in her team.

  7. Believe it or not..HT just posted a long article on how ARB is bringing back wrist scarves. LOL that’s a kinetic tape for muscular injuries around her wrist not wrist scarf. Hehehehe

  8. Ok, so I thought long and hard about this I know that makes me sound jobless. But really, why would anyone keep doing this to themselves. The rep lip and straight hair and that very painfully obvious plastic smile – she should patent it by the way – why? The conclusion I have to is that is her mask. It’s become a part of her mask that she needs to wear to play the role of arb in public.
    She is not comfortable at all in those clothes. We all have our moments I guess when we pick to wear something and instantly realise it’s not comfortable at all. But one would imagine that after all these years in the fashion and entertainment industry someone of her stature would learn to pick thing that are comfortable and look good but she seems to do neither. It’s a little sad and very perplexing.

  9. I am contstantly surpised and taken aback by all the ARB hate on HHC. I understand she doesn’t take as many fashion risks, but her trademark look genuinely works for her. The red lip against the porcelain skin and straight hair framing the goregous face is actually a pretty effective look. I also feel like Indian papparazzis take the most awful photos and most red carpets are awfully lit. Explains why some of these photos are very unflattering.

    Also, shes’one of the cvery few A-listers left whose looks don’t look awfully curated and she never looks styled to an inch of her life.


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