An Obsession

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Once, it’s funny. Twice, it’s pushing it. But more than three times, you know you are being a douche. We are talking about Shivdasani and his penchant for tees with sexual connotations.


P.S. The last one reads “Sleep With Me, Free Breakfast”. GAG!

graphic tee

left: The Ugly Truth Screening
Center: Trilogy Launch
Right: Shailendra Singh’s Birthday

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. these people are terrible! i mean even if you are not that famous, you are still a public figure – if you want to spread message, then help social causes – wear t-shirts with awareness for cancer,HIV,child labor etc. Wearing humor less sexual jokes again & again is seriously yucky…!

  2. hahahaha idk why but just looking at his face made me laugh all of a sudden. Plus his shoes in the 3rd pic aren’t all that great either. What an ass for wearing that crap…and i guess he must believe it if he’s willing to wear it out.


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