Doing Casual: A Face Off

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Who gets your vote? Our pick is Aditi.



Left: Neha Dhupia At ‘Sex And The City’ Premiere
Right: Aditi Gowatrikar At ‘Hari Puttar’ Premiere


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  1. Left Side

    Top – F (kiddie tops look awful on adult women)
    Skirt – B (OK)
    Chapplas – B (OK for the casual look)
    Hair – C

    Right Side
    Top – B (OK)
    Skirt B (OK)
    Hair C (can use a pony tail)
    Sandals – B (OK)

    Left – Use some makeup and change the top
    Right – OK for a casual look, reduce makeup and tie your hair

  2. OMG the left one is atricious…the shirt looks like its from La Senza and the skirt reminds me of those atrocities Mariach Carey has been pulling..the skirt belongs to the highschool school girls, esp the way its faded its so eww…I really think it looks bad

  3. Neha looks casual and very relaxed..and she has this freshly scrubbed look which is really refreshing to see..whereas Aditi looks as if she has spend hours in front of the mirror to look casual. Me for Neha!


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